Which is better for your heart?

Focus st wheels are better for the heart than focussing on the front of your head, research suggests.

Focus st wheels contain a supplement that increases oxygen supply to the heart muscle and increases blood flow to the brain, which helps improve oxygen supply, improve the heart’s function and make it more efficient.

The supplement, known as Focus St, has been shown to increase oxygen supply in the heart and improves blood flow in the brain and lower blood pressure, according to the European Heart Institute.

“The research indicates that Focus St supplements can have an effect on heart function, but more importantly on blood flow,” said Dr Helen McClelland, a cardiac nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital, in Dublin.

“It may help improve the function of the heart, but also may improve blood flow and blood pressure.”

She said Focus St has been studied in more than 1,000 people and was found to have a protective effect.

Dr McCleelland said Focus st supplements were used in conjunction with exercise and are often recommended in patients with high blood pressure or who have heart disease.

“But for the general population it may be appropriate to use Focus St without exercise or with a supplement,” she said.

“We have not found a negative effect on blood pressure and heart rate, but we do not recommend taking this supplement with exercise as it can increase the risk of stroke.”

People who take Focus St should follow a daily blood pressure monitoring system.

“Dr McCleslaw said there was no specific advice on when to use the supplements, but the results of the study showed Focus st has an effect.”

Focus St is recommended to be taken daily, and we found that it has an overall protective effect on the heart,” she added.

Dr McCullough said it was not yet known how long the effect of Focus st would last, but it was thought to be about a week.”

One of the benefits of Focus St is that it’s a supplement, so you can keep taking it and it will keep the heart healthy, but you don’t have to be doing anything strenuous,” she explained.”

There are no side effects, so the only thing you need to do is make sure you keep it in a place where it can be used.

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