How to help children of the Duval School district with special needs

Duval, Florida —   For years, the Duvis family has worked to raise money to pay for their children’s medical needs. 

  On a recent day, the family was on the bus heading to their home in Duval to pick up a school bus. 

 The family, who have two children ages 6 and 12, has been able to keep their children home from school on occasion but have to work during the school day to make ends meet. 

The Duvises were in the middle of their fifth year of school when they lost their parents to a car accident. 

 Now they are trying to raise the funds to provide the necessities for their young children. 

“They’re in the hospital, and we’re not able to make the school bus,” Duval said. 

For their part, the couple is still struggling with their finances. 

While they are able to provide food for the family, Duval says they need to put in more effort to help the children with special education needs.

“We need to do things that they can do and have fun doing,” Duvis said.

“So for them, it’s really hard to have fun.

I’m not saying they should stop, but if they can help us out a little bit, that’s really nice.”

Duval said she is proud of the work she is doing for the children.

“They have great spirits, they have a great spirit,” Duvas said.

“They’re not just kids anymore.

They have a lot of responsibilities.

So for us to give them a little extra help, that is what we’re here for.”

The Duvis children have had a variety of special needs since they were born, but the couple said they were always able to find ways to help them. 

With a growing number of children with disabilities, the school district said it needs more support and services to help educate students with special health needs.

As Duval has said, the best way to help is to give.

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