Driverless car will be a boon for commuters, but it’ll have a tough time getting you there

A new driverless car concept that could be on the roads in just a few years seems to have been built in a hurry.

The car, dubbed the “Driverless Car of the Future,” will be powered by an engine similar to the Prius, and it’ll also have autonomous driving capabilities, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The news comes a week after the company announced that it’s acquired a company called “Driverage,” which makes a similar vehicle.

This could be an important step towards a driverless future, but what will the car actually look like?

According to the Wall Street Review, the driverless vehicle would have a front-end loader, and a “driver-side” passenger that can drive.

That means that it would be able to pick up and drop off passengers and goods on the ground.

It would also have an automatic braking system, which would help the car avoid hitting objects.

The Journal reports that the company will be making the car commercially available to automakers in 2019, and that it plans to use the vehicles to get more people off the road.

The Wall Street review points out that the vehicle would be powered using lithium-ion batteries, which means that the driver could keep it plugged into the grid for a while.

This would make the car more convenient to use in the long run, the article notes.

Driverage has already been making driverless cars for several years, but its technology was built around a new type of lithium-polymer battery.

The company says that it will use “fully scalable” lithium-sulfur batteries in the new vehicle.

Driverage CEO, Steve Schubert, told the Wall Journal that the batteries are made to be a lot more efficient than traditional lithium-metal batteries, meaning that they can last much longer.

Schubert told the WSJ that the new battery technology will help the vehicle reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour).

The company is also building a vehicle with autonomous driving features, which could make the driver-less car much safer for drivers.

While the concept of driverless vehicles has been around for a long time, the technology that makes them possible has been a lot slower to get into the market.

The last driverless ride was in 2011, and the technology was still in its infancy at the time.

In 2018, Ford partnered with Google to develop driverless technology.

Ford has said that the goal is to have driverless systems in all of its vehicles by 2025, but this is still a long way off.

If driverless technologies can be made to work in the future, it could help make roads safer for all of us, as well as provide a more efficient mode of transportation.

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