Why we’re finally starting to see more and more self-driving cars from Ford Focus cars

The Ford Focus has always been a classic American car, one that’s got a distinctive American flair to it.

But the last few years have seen a spate of Ford Focus models come to market in China, as well as a steady stream of Ford Fiesta, Lincoln MKZ, and Mercury Grand Marquis models.

Today, we’re seeing some more American Focus models on the horizon.

Ford says its “next-generation” Focus is now available in China.

As of now, it’s unclear what the new Focus will look like, but we do know that it will be the first vehicle in Ford’s lineup to be powered by a new Ford Fusion electric motor.

The Fusion will be built by GM and will be available in two different powertrains: the Fusion Energi and Fusion Energia, both of which will make between 150 and 200 horsepower.

That’s pretty impressive power for a car that has been designed to be an all-electric SUV, and the Fusion is going to have a ton of range, thanks to the large battery pack.

The battery pack is designed to make sure the car is always charging, which is important in a vehicle that’s going to be constantly on the move.

The Focus is also expected to get a new rear seat and a new roof rack.

All told, the Focus should be a massive leap forward for Ford’s luxury SUV lineup.

What makes this news even more exciting is that Ford has announced that it is actually planning to build the new Fusion EV on the factory line, not just from its own factory in Michigan.

Ford already has a working prototype for the Fusion EV, and GM says it has plans to produce the car on the new assembly line in China by 2021.

So this is a huge step for Ford, and we can’t wait to see what kind of performance and range the Fusion will have.

The next generation Focus is expected to be available sometime in 2019, and it will likely be priced around $25,000 to $30,000.

We don’t have much more information about the new vehicle, other than that it’s being built by Ford.

We will update this story as we have more information.

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