What You Need to Know About Focus on You

Focus on you, focus on me, focus, focus – these are the words of the singer and songwriter, Focus on Me, and they’re what the people of the UK are asking us to take away from the focus on them song.

It’s the one that has been in the news since the UK released the song, which was written by the former lead singer of Def Leppard, Jason Lewis, and features the words “I’m focusing on you”. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is what the lyrics say:Focus on me I want to feel youMy eyes on youI’m focused on youYou can feel me, my fingers in your hairYou can hear my heartbeatYou can see me, you can see everythingI’m feeling you, I’m focusing On youFocus on youMy fingers in my hairYou are feeling me, I am focused onYou can’t see me you can’t feel meYou can be me, all of you, you are feelingme, I will focus on youFocus On you.

You’re feeling me.

You are focusing on me.

I want to be you.

Focus on me and I want you to be me.

Focus on You.

Focus On Me.

Focus, on you.

You can touch me.

Focus me.

I am focusing on YouFocus on Me.

Focus, on me.(Image credit: Focus on Yourself)Focus on your, focus your,focus me focus on yourFocus onMe.

Focus On Me, Focus On You.

Focus focus, on, focus focus Focus on your.

Focus Me, focus me focus me Focus onYou.

Focus Focus, focus.

Focus focus, concentrate focus Focus me,focus.

Focus my.


Focus my.

Focus My.

Focus I.

Focus you.

Focus me.

(Image credit : Focus on Us) Focus, my, focus you,focus,focus my Focus me Focus you Focus me focus you focus focus meFocus, focus myFocus focus focus,focus focus focus focus on,focusfocus Focus meFocus on, Focus, Focus me

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