Smith wins second term as NSW premier

Posted August 16, 2018 05:01:48 Smith has been named NSW premier.

The Liberal-National Government’s state election victory was a watershed moment in NSW, a state that had not elected a Liberal Premier in almost 40 years and was seen as a potential swing state.

It was a historic victory for the new government, with the party picking up the state by more than 20,000 votes.

In a state where the Liberal Party had been a minority government for over 30 years, the victory for Smith, who had campaigned for a decade, is significant, as it marks a return to the NSW Liberal Party fold and a return of NSW’s first female Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk.

But in a state which had never elected a female Premier in more than 30 years the Liberals were not a political powerhouse.

Smith had led the Liberals to victory in the past but his party was unable to form a government in recent years due to the retirement of former Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

With the retirement, Berejkovic and Smith faced off in a leadership contest.

Berejkic lost her seat to Smith by just 1,811 votes, with Smith winning the state of New South Wales by more votes than Berejic and by more points than Palaszek.

While the result of the leadership contest was not a foregone conclusion, Smith won the seat of Wollongong by almost 17,000 in the 2014 state election.

At the time, the Liberal-NSW Labor Coalition led by Smith was the biggest political force in NSW.

As the NSW Labor Party emerged from the wreckage of Berejaklian’s retirement and the resignation of Palaszar, the party began to rebuild itself and was poised to win the state back for the Liberals.

During his term as Premier, Smith set out to modernise the state government, reforming the NSW Police Force and reducing the number of police officers.

He also introduced a number of new policies, including one which mandated that every new public school had to have a dedicated nurse on-site to care for patients.

However, the policy did not meet with much success and, by the end of his term, the Liberals had not won a majority in the state for nearly 40 years.

A victory for Harris and Smith was seen by many as a sign of things to come for NSW, with some predicting the Liberals would form government.

“The Liberal Party’s new premier is a big change in NSW politics and will undoubtedly lead to more change in the future,” ABC News political editor Michael Bradley said.

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