How to tell whether a dog is in the focus band

A dog in the Focus Band is in focus, says a dog trainer.

But what does that mean?

A focus band is a band of wires that connects your dog’s collar to your dogs ear.

If you look closely, you can see the wires that are connected to the ear.

The wires are often wrapped around the dogs head, neck and neck to make it look like it’s holding onto something.

But a lot of times the wires are not connected.

Sometimes it’s the wires on the outside of the dog’s ears that are doing the pulling.

When the dog gets too close to something, like a food or water bowl, the dog may become aggressive and bite the wire.

You’ll need to get the dog away from the wire by using your hands, feet or the back of your hand.

The focus band may also be loose.

That means the dog has not used all the loose wires, which can cause a loose focus.

The dog will be in focus as long as the wires connect with the skin of the collar.

If the wires come off too easily, the focus may not be in the dog.

If your dog is not in the collar but in a position to pull, the leash will need to be pulled, too.

It is important to let your dog relax and stretch out when you’re training the dog to look in the right place.

A relaxed dog will look for the correct spot when the leash is pulled.

If he can’t find it, the wire may have been pulled too far.

In the video below, I show you how to do this.

You can also find the dog in his correct spot in the video.

In case your dog gets the focus to pull too far or is being pushed or tugged too hard, you may need to use a different approach.

You may need some type of stimulation.

If this happens, the trainer will need some special equipment to help your dog pull the focus out of the wires.

The trainer can also use a small vibrator to stimulate the dog if he’s being pushed, tugged or grabbed too hard.

Another technique is to give your dog a treat to pull focus out.

Just make sure you do this with a treat.

You don’t want to put the dog under a lot or strain.

If it’s not safe for the dog, the toy can be removed.

You can also give your pet a water treat to hold in the mouth for a few seconds to let the dog relax.

The trainers most important piece of equipment is the dog harness.

You will need a harness that is small enough for your dog to stand up straight and bend his neck.

This will give you some protection against the pull on the wires if he tries to pull away from you or gets pushed too hard by the harness.

The harness is very important because the harness will keep the wires in the harness and will keep your dog from getting too close.

The dog can be left on the leash for a long time before the harness gets loose.

This video is for dog owners who want to teach their dogs the focus and the leash skills.

This is the only dog training video that I can think of that has dogs training the focus as a part of the curriculum.

The training videos for this video are the same ones that have dogs learning how to sit, how to walk, how much to listen to, and how to respond when they see another dog.

The videos for the other videos are more for the owners who are more experienced with the dog and can do the training alone.

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