Why China in Focus? A look at the major global issues that are influencing the world’s focus on China

The following are some of the topics that have dominated the headlines of the past two weeks, and the ones that have been the focus of much of the international media coverage.

What is focus?

Focus is a concept of attention that has emerged in the media as a way of describing the way people react to news.

It refers to the way they pay attention to a story, the way that they use their own attention to assess the meaning of a given information.

Focus in the news focuses on what has already been reported, while focus in the entertainment industry focuses on new information.

It has been shown that the news media, especially in the United States, often focus on issues that have already been discussed and the news is filtered to avoid giving too much attention to controversial topics.

Focus in entertainment also has an economic component to it.

There are also certain aspects of focus that are difficult to define and discuss in a neutral way.

Who has focused on China?

In the past week, there has been an extraordinary amount of attention on China.

It is not just the country’s role in the global economy.

China has been the subject of endless debate and speculation, and that has been a theme in news coverage in the past few weeks.

The United States has a long history of being the world leader in the area of trade, and in recent weeks, it has been one of the biggest trade partners in the world.

There have also been protests in the U.S. over the use of water cannon by police, as well as the use by the Chinese government of surveillance drones in U.K. Parliament and the U,S.

presidential election.

As a result, China has come under increased scrutiny in recent days.

The United States and China have had a tense relationship for years.

In addition, there is the issue of U.N. human rights.

President Donald Trump, in his first address to the United Nations General Assembly in September, said that the United Kingdom and China should “take back control of their own human rights.”

What has been focused on?

As the global attention has focused largely on China, there have been many different topics of concern.

There have been reports of the Chinese military’s attempts to influence the United State elections, for example.

There has also been the Chinese invasion of Tibet, a Chinese seizure of an island in the South China Sea, the North Korean nuclear weapons test and other tensions.

China’s efforts to control its image on the international stage has also focused on issues of its own, with its media and internet censorship and cyber attacks on the United states.

When will focus on Asia fade away?

There are a number of reasons why the focus on the world has changed.

China’s economy has been growing steadily, and its growth has been driven largely by exports.

China is also an increasingly important actor in the international political landscape.

China, which was once viewed as an economically distant power, has become a major power, and there is a growing sense that the international community is looking at China’s actions more and more.

China now has the ability to exert influence in the political system of the world, and China’s economic rise has made it more of a threat to the international order.

This change in focus has also brought more attention to China’s role as a global leader in some areas, such as the United Nation’s human rights report.

In this case, there was concern that the U.,S.

had used the report to attack China, and to discredit China, but there was also a sense that this was not what the U.(S.) had been talking about, as it had not mentioned China in its report.

China also was not mentioned in the report on human rights, although it was cited several times.

Is focus on U.M. focusing on China really going to change?

In an interview with CNN, President Donald J. Trump said that he was looking forward to the “best possible relations” with China.

He also said that China had been a leader in human rights and would continue to be.

But there is no question that the focus has shifted in the last few weeks to the relationship between the U.;s new president and his administration.

The President has publicly blamed China for a number a issues, including a trade war with China that has cost the U.’s economy $2 trillion, a trade dispute with Japan, a dispute over North Korea, a military confrontation with North Korea and a trade embargo with South Korea.

In the interview with the news outlet, Trump said, “I am very focused on this relationship with China, I have to be very focused.

I have a lot of people in that room who have said that.

I am not going to be distracted by the things that are happening in China.

And if we do, we’re going to have a very difficult time getting things done.

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