‘The most powerful man in the world’ says he wants to help rebuild ‘destroyed’ country

The most powerful American man in Africa has said he wants a country in turmoil that has suffered decades of genocide and oppression to be rebuilt and “destroyed”.

The statement by Nelson Mandela, 74, came amid an outcry over a spate of killings and deaths in a country that is a key ally of the US.

The former president said he would personally send US troops to rebuild the country, which was “a national tragedy” and that the United States “will not let any country in Africa that has not been destroyed”.

“We will destroy this country,” he said.

“And we will rebuild it as we have done in Zimbabwe.”

We are going to build a country, and I think you will see a whole new Africa.

“But he said the United Nations “is not in charge” of Africa.”

I have no interest in being part of that,” he told reporters.”

My focus is to help create a new Africa and I am going to be the one to create that new Africa.

“And the country that I want to see is one that will be strong, free, prosperous, with justice and with peace.”

He said the new country would be “the only Africa” that is “ready to have the strength, prosperity and peace that we all need”.

“That is the only Africa that I believe in,” he added.

The statement came amid a spate for a wave of killings in a former British colony where tens of thousands of people were killed in the last decade and a massive famine that has devastated Africa’s poorest countries.

Mandela’s statement comes amid mounting concern over the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe where thousands of protesters have marched on the presidential palace in recent weeks, demanding a recount of the election results and an end to the military’s rule.

He said he hoped that “the political and economic situation of the Zimbabwean people will be better and that, in the future, they will not have to endure a dictatorship”.

“In this new Zimbabwe, the people will have the chance to exercise their right to self-determination and they will be able to decide how their country should be governed,” he wrote in the statement.

“This is a new and exciting African continent and I hope that the new Zimbabwe will not only be a country with the freedom to choose its leaders but also a country where the rights of the majority are protected and not violated by the minority.”

Mandela said he believed the United Nation’s human rights office, known as the International Criminal Court, was “unable to be a guarantor of the rule of law” and would have to “expose” Zimbabwe’s government.

“The United Nations cannot be the guarantor.

The International Criminal court is not fit to prosecute, because it does not exist to enforce the law,” he explained.

Mandelson also said he did not support the idea of a UN-sponsored peacekeeping force to help African governments and troops fight terrorism.

“There are many countries who do not need peacekeeping,” he warned.

I do not think it is the right time to bring peacekeeping into Africa.””

In other words, it is a humanitarian and security issue.

I do not think it is the right time to bring peacekeeping into Africa.”

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