How to buy ‘pokemon Go’ for $10,000, and win millions of dollars in prizes in the process

New Delhi: If you’ve been eyeing the game Pokemon Go, now might be a good time to check out a new app from the makers of Pokemon Go that can do exactly what you want: focus.

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that Pokemon Go’s focus can improve your battery life.

The study showed that users who were given Pokemon Go during an in-app purchase had a 25% improvement in their battery life compared to those who were not.

“The findings showed that the game offers users with limited battery capacity a new way to spend their time,” says lead author Dr. Amit Srivastava, an associate professor of consumer health sciences at Duke University.

“While this is only a small improvement, the benefits are very real, especially for those with limited physical energy.

In fact, our findings showed significant improvements in battery life of over 50%.”

The focus feature offers a new option for players to spend time playing, not only to boost their battery, but also to boost physical activity.

This could be a great way to increase physical activity, especially in areas where physical activity is not recommended,” he adds.

The researchers conducted the study with an online survey of more than 4,500 people from a variety of countries.

Pokemon Go users were asked how much time they spent playing the game, how much they spent on mobile games, and how much money they spent.

Pokemon users in India and India-based smartphone users were also surveyed.

The results showed that while Pokemon Go is not the first game to make use of focus, it is the first one to use it for its gameplay.

The focus system uses an algorithm to help the app to keep track of what you’re doing during an activity.

When a user focuses on a certain feature, the app tracks that activity and sends a notification to the user’s phone.

The notifications are delivered via text message.

When the user switches to another app, the focus is switched back to the app and the notification is sent again.

The team found that Pokemon players spent a whopping $10.9 million in the app in just two weeks, compared to the $1.8 million spent by those who weren’t playing Pokemon Go.

While it’s important to remember that Pokemon is a game, it also is a social app, so it could be useful for people to keep tabs on how much their friends spend on games, Dr. Srivavas says.

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