Which car should you buy? Here are our top picks

We all know that the future of electric cars is in the hands of consumers.

But there are some cars that can really make the leap to electric without a lot of money down the drain.

Here are some of our picks.


Nissan Leaf The Leaf is a great car, but it’s not the best electric car.

This car is one of those that’s well-known for being good, but not quite the best.

But that’s where it gets interesting.

The Leaf has an all-electric powertrain that can drive a range of speeds from 0 to 100km/h in under 10 seconds.

The batteries in this car are charged using solar panels that have a lifespan of about 12 years.

The car is able to do this because of the solar panels’ technology, which is not quite as efficient as other all-wheel drive technologies.

This Leaf also has a regenerative braking system that can recharge the batteries in less than 1 minute.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t buy this car.

It’s one of the better all-round electric cars around, but the Leaf is not necessarily the best choice for all-around use.


Nissan LEAF 2-seat sports coupe (2018) article The Nissan LEAK is a sports coupler, a small SUV that is designed to be able to tow or drive a lot.

The Nissan Leaf can tow up to 18,000lbs and the Leaf can drive up to 60km/hr.

It can also drive along highways at speeds of up to 120km/hour.

The electric motor in this vehicle is rated for a range between 80km/ hour and 120km, depending on the driving mode.

That means the Leaf will drive over 2,000km in a 24-hour period, and can do so in an average 24.5 hours.

This sports coupler is capable of reaching speeds of 160km/ hr and a top speed of 200km/ h.

It has a range up to 100 miles.

There is a range extender and a front air dam that allows the Leaf to reach a maximum speed of up 15kph.

It comes with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that can shift between three different driving modes depending on driving conditions.

This hybrid sports couple is available in a range from 4,400 to 12,800lbs and can tow or tow a range range of over 8,000 miles.

This is a pretty good sports coupper for the money, but you should still consider an electric car to get the most out of it. 3.

BMW i3 2-door hatchback (2018).

image source Business Info (UK, Germany) title Best electric car for the price?

article The BMW i5 is a two-door luxury hatchback that comes with both electric and petrol engines.

The battery capacity of the i3 is 5,200mAh, and the i5 comes with an all electric drivetrain.

The i3 has a powertrain of a 5-cylinder, two-stroke, 4-cyloyl motor.

It also has an electric motor with a range in excess of 200 miles.

The BMW is available from around $70,000.

It features a range that is up to 90km/, and is also available with a seven-speed manual transmission.

There are also a range extension that can increase the range to 300 miles.

It is available with all-terrain capabilities, a range increase of 100 miles and a six-speed automatic transmission.


Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car (2018), Chevrolet Bolt EVs electric sedan (2018, 2019) article Bolt EVs is a car that’s been designed specifically for people who want a very low cost and high-range electric car, and it’s a great choice.

The Bolt EV is an all purpose electric car that can be had for around $40,000 with the option to upgrade to a higher level of power.

It sports an all carbon fibre body with a front grille and rear diffuser that allows for the use of LED headlights.

The front and rear wheels are aluminium alloy, and there are two electric motors to power the front and the rear.

It packs a whopping 1740bhp and is available as an all wheel drive model.

It runs on a combination of electric and gasoline power, with the former powering the rear wheels and the latter powering the front wheels.

The Chevrolet Bolt is the first electric car in the world that can tow a load.

The only problem with this is that it’s expensive.

The price tag is around $37,000, but there is a four-year, unlimited lease option that is available.

There’s also a 15,000 mile, 100 mile and 200 mile option.

This electric car is a good deal at a very good price, and a great value for the amount of energy that it can produce.


Mercedes Benz E-Class 5-door sedan (2019) image source Capital Motor News (UK

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